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After School and Martial Arts Programs

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After School Gold

Bring your kids weekdays and give them a fun space to develop, keep learning and gain bullying prevention values.
Uniform Include

Certified Teachers

After School Platinum

Includes all the features of the Gold Program plus every Day camp for free, as well as parents' training, Date Nights at the end of every month and much more!

Certified Teachers

Karate For Families

Karate is a great activity for families, it is a discipline for all ages. Train with your family in the same class.

Certified Teachers

Camps (Seasonal)

We open recreational, bullying prevention and high-performance summer camps, day camps and more for your kids, so they can live all the fun of Success.

Kids Martial Arts

Self-defense classes specialized on kids from ages 3 to 12, developing physical, emotional and spiritual values, focused on bullying prevention.

Teens/Adults Martial Arts

Self-defense classes specialized on teens from ages 12 to 18 and adults, focused on bullying prevention and personal development.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian technique that will help you control your opponent without the use of violence.

Private & Couples’ Self Defense

Receive your personal self-defense and martial arts class focused on bringing out the best in you.

Hapkido for Adults (Coming Soon)

Bringing you the best of this sport while liberating all of your stress and improving your physical body.


Special features just for you!

Date Night

Yes! Every last friday of the month we have a special night planned for your kids! Pizza, games, fun and more! Don't miss it!

Referral Program

We think on your success. That's why we opened our referral program just for you! Contact us and participate!

MMA & Competition

Participate in our MMA and Jiu Jitsu competitions and feel the power of this full-contact sport. Get invited now! (With invitation only)

Why Us?

Improve your child's confidence!

Happy Clients


"I feel great being a part of Success Karate, actually it is my favorite time of the day; each time I make new friends, learn new stuff and it makes me feel better."

Daniela Valdéz (Student)

"Since our kid enrolled in Success Karate, he has shown great improvement at school, he has shown greater respect for others and he seems more focused with his responsibilities."

Denise James (Mother)