After School Platinum

A space for your kids to develop and gain bullying prevention values.(+Bonuses)


Andrés Prada

Sensei and Founder

Orlando Romero


Julissa Rodríguez


We make it easy for you and your kids if what you’re looking for is training on weekdays, we have it all arranged so your kid can be on time for training. Parents, you can feel at ease by knowing that your kids are on safe hands with us, surrounded by trusted and caring staff and handling everything for you.

We provide your kids with a safe, structured and fun environment where they will learn important values such as respect, discipline and self-confidence through our fitness and martial arts methods. In addition of the training lessons we have courtesy pick-up for your kids, yoga and Spanish classes, tasks’ assistance, arts and crafts, karaoke and dance, Friday play day and more fun activities.

For those families who are returning this year, welcome back! If you are new to the program, welcome and we can’t wait to get to know your child and you family!
Success Karate After School is – LAUGHTER, SMILES & FRIENDSHIPS for a lifetime.

Afterschool Platinum Program includes all the features of the Gold Program plus every Day camp for free, as well as parents’ training, Date Nights at the end of every month and much more!

Program Specs

  • Access: Ages from 5-12.
  • Genders: Boys and girls.
  • Length: Every afternoon of the week.
  • Includes: date nights, day camps, free training for parents and uniform.
  • Prerequisite: Be 12 years or younger.

Lesson Goals

  • Training and self-defense
  • Bullying prevention
  • Restrain from violent behavior
  • Self-confidence
  • Be the best you can be


Kids Martial Arts
Self-defense classes specialized on kids from ages 5 to 12, developing physical, emotional and spiritual values, focused on bullying prevention.

Bullying Prevention
We work on special values through our fun methods that will help your child be more aware of this common issue and how to prevent it.

Arts & Crafts
Kids have the opportunity to express themselves through our creative activities and live all the fun of Success while learning each time newer things.

Courtesy Pick-Up
You don’t have to worry about bringing your child to Success, we do it for you! Every day we pick up your kids at their schools and bring them to Success for their fun afternoon.

Task Assistance
Just like at home, there’s no time for fun unless you have finished your homework; the first thing kids do when they arrive at Success is finish their tasks with the help of our teachers.

Fun and Family Environment
We strongly believe on providing a healthy and positive environment for kids here at Success Karate while practicing many values that work on improving personal aspects of children. Through our fun activities such as: Karaoke, Dance, Yoga, Arts and Crafts and more, we try to provide the best time for your kids.

Through our martial arts classes, friendly environment and fun teaching methods, we help kids grow more self-confident and learn to socialize at a more successful level!


Date nights, day camps, free training for parents and uniform.



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